Eco Summer Camp 2022


Eco Summer Camp 2022

From wild consumption to responsible engagement. The struggle against environmental degradation and the preservation of our planet must first and foremost become a cultural movement in which everyone assumes their own responsibility, as individuals and in cooperation with their peers; knowing, however, that any true and lasting change is only possible through a deep change in one’s own inner attitude.

Thus, we are all called upon to make our personal contribution as well. The time to merely delegate our future to others is over. Only in this way can we bring about changes in the long term that will deeply transform our society from within, so that we can look to the future with confidence – for ourselves and for the generations to come.

Programme 2022

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de jeudi, 25. août 2022 à jeudi, 01. septembre 2022

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Bad Schönbrunn
CH-6313 Edlibach (ZG)


Valerio Ciriello